Families of Parishes

Christ, Our Light! is located at 3077 Glouchester; Troy MI 48084



Guardian Angels is located at 581 East Fourteen Mile Road; Clawson, MI  48017



 St. Anastasia  is located at 4571 John R Road;  Troy, MI 48085



St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is located at 280 East Square Lake Road; Troy, MI  48085



St. Lucy Croatian is located at 2oo East Wattles Road; Troy, MI  48085






Basic Explanation

 Beginning July 1, 2021, we joined with Guardian Angels, Saint Anastasia, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, and Saint Lucy Croatian in what is called a “Family of Parishes.” Families of Parishes are groups of parishes—generally three to six working together. The goal of the Family of Parishes is to allow the parishes to share resources and unite in cooperation with one another. This new model will allow the priests, deacons, religious and lay staff associated with each parish to better share their gifts and talents with the whole Family of Parishes.

Our faith is rooted in the sacraments. It is no secret that there are fewer priests, so developing creative plans will better prepare our parishes to serve all the faithful. It is critical for us to renew the way parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Detroit are organized and structured. Families of Parishes allow priests to work together in groups and coordinate lay staff to work together to better support all the parishes within a family. The mission of “Unleashing the Gospel” and caring for the people of God continues to be the focus while bringing all people to know Christ’s love and mercy.

I will remain the pastor of Christ, Our Light! parish; however, other priests (and deacons) within our Family of Parishes may visit our parish on weekends to become familiar with Christ, Our Light! while I do the same at other parishes within the family. The future reality is that priests will be less available and that familiarity will aid us in working together.

Everyone will still be part of their own parish community, and parishioners will have the opportunity to connect with others by working, praying, and gathering together in a family network. Parishioners can become part of a larger faith family, working together and sharing resources in pursuit of the mission.

Our parish will maintain our own name, location, and identity. We will have intentional events and opportunities to share and collaborate with other parishes within our family.

In conclusion, here are the main points:

  -  Our Family of Parishes consists of Guardian Angels, Saint Anastasia, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Saint Lucy Croatian and Christ, Our Light! Parishes.

 - Our parish will maintain our name, location, and identity. We will be sharing resources and opportunities with the other parishes in our family.

 -  I will remain your Pastor; however, other Priests in our Family may visit to learn about and familiarize themselves with our Parish and parishioners.

 -   Parishioners will soon have a chance to connect with parishioners from other families to gather, pray, and worship.

Updates and events will continue to be shared at Mass, in The Spotlight, on our website (https://christourlight.weconnect.com).

With you as we move forward in our journey of faith and sharing the Gospel,

Father Don

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To renew our parishes so they become places places where individuals and families encounter Jesus and grow as missionary disciples


To respond in faith to the challenges we face and to take the necessary steps to better equip our parish communities for mission.


To advance with unshakable conviction of the truth of the Gospel and a love that compels us to share the good news with those around us

Excerpted from Archdiocese of Detroit letter on 12-9-2020:
We are pleased to share with you the fruit of many months’ work: the list of how parishes will be grouped into Families of Parishes.
Over the next year-and-a-half, all parishes in the Archdiocese will join together into groups that will work together, sharing resources and talents, to further advance the shared mission of our local Church to unleash the Gospel.
The Family groupings have been compiled in the last few months through consultation with the auxiliary bishops, vicars, and priests, a process steeped in prayer and with attention given to the best interest of each community.


Our Family Grouping:  South Oakland Vicariate Family 1:
Christ Our Light Parish, Troy
Guardian Angels Parish, Clawson
St. Anastasia Parish, Troy
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Troy
St. Lucy (Croatian) Parish, Troy