Funeral Planner

Considerations When Planning A Funeral  at Christ, Our Light!

Clergy Record

The person who will be making the arrangements will need to be able to supply the following information.  Often the funeral home will have a form on which it is recorded.  That form will be forwarded to the church.

Contact person:  name, phone and address:


Evening Vigil:  _____ yes     _____ no

                              time:  _______  date:  _______

                             presider:  ___________________________________

                             location:  ____________________________________

                            Scripture Service:  _____________  Rosary Service: ______________

Type of Church Service

                               Catholic Mass

                               Date and time:  _____________   Presider:  ____________________


                              Prayer Service (in place of a Mass)

                              Date and time:  _____________   Presider:  _____________________


                               Cemetery:  _____________________

                               Presider:  ______________________



                                Presider:  ______________________



 Initial Contact with Christ, Our Light! When a Death Occurs:  Your funeral director will contact our parish office to notify the parish of the identity of the deceased and to arrange the date and time of the service. They should also provide at that time the "Clergy Record" form.

 If you intend to have a visitation at the church the day of the service, usually it will be scheduled for the thirty minutes prior to Mass.

 Unless otherwise stipulated by you, an announcement will be sent electronically to parishioners regarding the death, as well as visitation and funeral arrangements.

 You will be asked to suggest a time when Father can contact you and the family at the funeral home to discuss the Mass.

 While conferring with the parish staff person, you will be asked about a musician. You can choose to use one of the parish music directors or hire someone outside of the parish who is a personal choice of the family.  There are four possible opportunities for choosing musical elements.  These will be explained further on.

 You will also be asked if you wish to make arrangements for a reception in our social hall after the Mass. If the facility is available and you decide to use our services, you will be given several options to consider.  The final section of this brochure will guide you through that process

 Conference with Father:  This is the time to remember those details about the deceased that you would like presented during Father’s homily.  It is helpful to think about them ahead of time, maybe write them down; ask others for their input.  Relax, enjoy the memories, don’t worry about the tears; this is a very important opportunity to give Father your insight.

Personalizing the funeral service –

You will discuss three options for the Mass.

  1. Leave the planning in Father’s hands. or

  1. Give Father a list of hymns and/or readings you or the deceased’s family found particularly meaningful. Then let Father make the decisions, or

  1. Choose to personalize specific areas. You will be given a book to help you with this; however, there are primarily four readings and four opportunities for selections of music. 

If you decide to personalize the Mass:  There are opportunities throughout the Mass to select specific readings.  They are explained in the book Through Death to Life, which you will be given by Father.  You may choose to make a selection for all or any number of them.


 Suggested First Reading, found on pages 26 – 34, can be read by Father or by someone you choose. Disregard the book’s directives to omit selections for certain times of the Liturgical year.

 Your selection:  _____________

Reader:  _______________________________________

 Suggested Responsorial Psalms, pages 35 – 44, will be played by the musician..

Your selection:  _____________

 Suggested Second Readings, pages 45 – 55 -

Your choice:  ______________

 Reader:  _____________________________________

 Gospel selection will be read by Father; suggested readings can be found on pages 59 - 78.

Your selection:  _____________

 General Intersessions OR Prayers of the Faithful can be read by Father or someone you choose.  You can choose from those found on pages 79 - 89, or use them as examples for your own composition.

 Musical Selections:  There are three opportunities to choose a hymn; there is great flexibility when making a choice from one of the two books located in the pews at Christ, Our Light!   They are entitled Gather and Today’s Missal.

The fee for the services of a musical minister at Christ, Our Light! is $150.00.  If you are hiring your own musician and/or soloist, that cost may vary.


Your choice:  ________________________________


Your choice:  ________________________________


Your choice:  ________________________________


Your choice:  ________________________________

 The Day of the Funeral or Memorial Mass

 Flowers will have been delivered and positioned to give optimum attention to them.

 Displays of photos or personal items will be transported by the funeral home or brought by you to the church.  They will be placed appropriately by Father.

 If there is a visitation prior to Mass, the casket will be placed in the vestibule.

 Some Considerations

 If people are asked to contribute comments about the deceased, phrase the request carefully to indicate clearly that remarks should be brief and appropriate.

 Seat anyone who is reading where he or she can easily access the steps to the altar. Father Demmer will introduce the reader.

 At Christ, Our Light! those who are eligible but find it difficult to walk may remain in their pews and, if possible, stand as Father or a Eucharistic Minister approaches to distribute Communion.

 Have specific information about any arrangements for a following reception and/or progression to a burial site. Detailed information about planning a reception at Christ, Our Light! can be found in the last section of this booklet.

 Be certain to appoint someone to be responsible for removing the displays either after Mass or after the reception. Flowers may be left to be used by the parish or you can make other arrangements for them.

 Planning a Luncheon  If you are considering using the services of the Christ, Our Light! Bereavement Committee to plan a luncheon after the funeral service, please consider the following:

Will the luncheon be served immediately following Mass or after return from burial?  __________

Estimated number to be served:  _______

Food preparation:  by members of the Christ, Our Light! Bereavement Committee

Or another source chosen by the family. 

If you select the second option, provide contact information with that food service in case concerns arise:  _____________________________________________

If the Bereavement Committee will be preparing the food, please indicate preferred menu items.  (You can make selections while conferring with the committee chair.)

  Are there any special dietary concerns?  _______________________________________

Will there be any electrical equipment, such as microphone or video player, needed?


Will you be choosing someone to say Grace?  ___________________________________

If food is left over, how would you like it distributed?  ___________________________________